February 20th, 2017

Larry Dierker SABR Chapter Members:

An exciting time was had by 33 SABR members last Monday, February 20 at our monthly meeting at Spaghetti Western. We were thrilled to welcome new members Andrew Gillingham, Michael and Richard Weatherly, Kevin Rosell, Paul Rizzotto, Monarchs Chapter transfer Chris Rawls and his wife Angelene, plus Toronto SABR visitor and friend Maxwell Kates. It was good to have Larry Dierker with us also.

Maxwell kicked off the session with an extremely interesting report on three of the 1969 Miracle Mets; Tom Seaver, fellow Canadian Dr. Ron Taylor and Rod Gaspar. Lots of inside information including what they are doing now.At the conclusion Greg Lucas presented Maxwell with a very unique gift from the chapter

Joe Thompson followed up with a presentation on his upcoming book "Mexican American Baseball in Houston and SE Texas" soon to be available on Amazon.com. He brought his co-authors Mikaela Selly and Will Lange who participated in the discussion. This book will be a welcome addition to the history of local baseball. Joe is also finishing his requirements for his PHD and we wish him well on his oral dissertations the first week of April.

Mike Vance brought us up to date on the current status for preserving the Astrodome and work being done by a State Senator to overturn decisions made by the local County Commissioners. It is possible that another vote may be required even thought the Astrodome is fully paid for and no state funds are required or requested.

Larry Dierker, who has a vested interested in the Dome, made some significant points on the politics of the matter. Larry also told a few stories about his humorous recollections on the "69" Mets.

Bill McCurdy took the floor to discuss the baseball abilities of Jim Kreuz after his try out years ago for the Houston Buffs and presented Jim with a long lost contract proposal from the club.

Not to be outdone, Jim Kreuz then told "The Mike Vance - Ferguson Jenkins - Jody Davis Story" along with appropriate photos. You had to be there!

Tom White's Trivia Contest was, as he said, easy and the winner with 14 of of 15 correct answers was our out of towner Maxwell Kates. Well Done Maxwell! Please remember to send us next month's contest.

Please mark your calendars as follows:

- Monday, March 20th. The date of our next regular monthly meeting. Kevin Rosell will speak on SABR's Analytics Conference just concluded plus former MLB player Robbie Weinhardt and Jay Lucas from the Skeeters.

- Saturday, April 8th. The Houston Babies play in Sealy at their Spring Event.

- Monday, May 8th. We will attend a Skeeters game at Constellation Field. Tickets will be $31 each for the game and the all you can eat buffet. Mark Hudec has agreed to collect the money. Please mail your checks, made out to the Sugar Land Skeeters, to Mark at 235 River Grove Road. Sugar Land, TX 77478. We would like to collect all the money by April 15th.


February 20th, 2017
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