September 18th, 2017

Larry Dierker SABR Chapter members and friends:

22 hearty SABR members braved a stormy night in Houston on Monday, September 18 to hear presentations about the July Hall of Fame inductions, SABR 47, and then travel to dozens of minor-league ballparks.

Mike McCroskey started the HOF discussions followed by Tal Smith, Tom Plemons, Gloria Rubac, and Larry Dierker. In a particular Larry's comments were intimate and heart warming as he described being with so many of his contemporaries and being able to travel to Cooperstown with his wife.

Bob Dorrill discussed SABR 47 and talked about some of the highlights from his perspective. SABR 48 will be in Pittsburgh from June 20th to the 24th.

Then Larry Dierker asked if he could make some comments about championships and the difficult decisions the Manager and GM have to make roster and rotation wise, especially if a team clinches the pennant with 13 games to go. So many factors are involved concerning starters, ballparks, playing time, team objectives, lineups, schedules, bullpens, matchups and so forth. Larry with comments by Tal gave us a real behind the scenes Ph.D lesson.

Herb Whalley then took the floor and we went with him on his 6 trips this year to minor league ballparks. He has identified some 199 parks and has been to over 30% so far.

Announcements: There is an exhibition on the campus of SMU this coming Sunday starting at 3:30 PM commemorating the Jackie Robinson Era. Speakers will include Bobby Brown, Eddie Robinson, and Wally Moon with Paul Rogers moderating. The exhibition is free but to attend you must register first. Here is more information: Click Here!

The Houston Babies will play at the Texan Marketing Days at the George Ranch on Saturday, October 21st.

I ran into Opie Otterstad at MMP and he says he still has a few prints left of Marie "Red" Mahoney, Bill Brown, etc. Contact him through his website if interested.

Our next meeting, unless the Astros are playing a home game, is Monday, October 16th. 713.927.1976 2437 Bay Area Blvd.,#271, Houston, TX 77058
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