October 21, 2019

Larry Dierker SABR Chapter members and friends:

A very happy group of Houston Astros fans gathered on Monday, October 21, 2019, at the Spaghetti Western restaurant on Shepherd Drive for the monthly meeting of the SABR Larry Dierker Chapter. Celebrating the Astros victory in the ALCS seemed to be the prime order of business.

Chair Bob Dorrill brought the meeting to order with three topics: (1) no one guessed the exact number of regular season wins, but Tom White came the closest; (2) donations to the SABR Fund will be donated back to the chapters proportionate to the amount donated by that chapter's members; (3) the January meeting will be devoted to a staging of the arbitration process; Tal Smith will present a demonstration at the November meeting and volunteers are needed to research and play the various roles.

Chris Chestnut then shared a power point based on a 1969 magazine. As memories were brought forth to many attendees, everyone was intrigued by both the similarities and the differences. More trips down memory lane were spurred by Greg Moore in his detailed review of a book on the history of the Houston Astrodome. Greg Lucas shared news about MLB's proposed changes for the minor leagues as well as his thoughts about recent developments in pitching strategies for the playoffs. Strong opinions were expressed on both topics. James Barry asked for help with software he wants to develop to help college coaches with statistical analysis.

In bringing the meeting to a close, Chair Bob Dorrill reminded us of the vintage baseball game that the Houston Babies will be playing on Saturday, October 26 at the George Ranch fall festival. Both players and "cranks" are urged to participate. The meeting adjourned with high hopes that we would have another World Series title to celebrate at the November meeting!In addition to those responsibilities, Mike is also in charge of collecting and securing important (think "milestone achievement") items from both the Astros and visiting teams. He noted that secure markings are used when a special occasion is anticipated; MLB authentications are overseen by local off-duty law enforcement officers. Some items are offered for sale, some kept for the Museum collections, some offered to the players.

- Bob Dorrill

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